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Dear C-Hing,

I am using Head Ti-radical Oversize (107), string pattern (18/19) and
Gamma Professional Spin 16 String, the tension is Main 60, Cross 58.

I want to add more topspin for my forehand,
<1>  Do I need to change the string?
<2>  What is tension to increase more topspin/under-spin?
<3>  Is it better to add 厚皮粒 at racket 6 o’clock?

Or change another racket, such as Head Microgel Radical Pro (100), string pattern (16/19)?

Thanks a lot

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1) No, it's good enough
2) the existing tension is ok
3) It will not create more spin after installation.

Changing racquet maybe can help (need light heightweight). But I think the improve technique (swing format) is the main solution. You can discuss with your coach


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Dear IvanCyCheng C-Hing,

Thanks a lot.

Some guy asked me to 穿混合線, is it better than Gamma Professional Spin 16?

Some guy asked me to decrease the string tension to main 56, cross 54 for increasing spin, is it the right solution?

發表於 2011-6-10 00:06:08 | 顯示全部樓層 简体中文繁體中文
you may feel soft when using full set Gamma Professional, hybird can give a more solid feel and enough ball feel.

In lower tension, the ball will hold in the racquet more time, but I think you may not like the feel since you play a long time in high tension.

Just look back your racquet, are you play it a long time? This racquet is over 10 years! my friend have one and recently feel that the ball not "go". I think the racquet near "finish". I'm not sure your one are same situation. If yes, I suggest you changed a new racquet since the "modern" racquet are easlier to use and most of them are more easy to generate spin.

If you want to buy a new racquet, I will suggest the follow model :
- Babolat AeroPro Drive GT (Nadal using now)
- Babolat Pure Drive GT (Li Na using now)
- Dunlop Biomimetic 200 Plus (Davydenko using one, near classic your existing one)
- Head MicroGEL Radical MP (Don't select the youtek one since it's not so stable)
- Yonex RDiS 100 Midplus (classic design will good ball feel, easiler to use)

Hope can help you la.....


發表於 2011-6-10 11:29:37 | 顯示全部樓層 简体中文繁體中文
Dear IvanCyCheng C-Hing,

Thank you very much.

What is the meaning of the racquet near "finish"?  Do you mean that the racquet 老化?

I used Prince Original Graphite OS for many years.  
Four years ago, I changed to use Babolat Pure Drive Team (300g, without GT), but this one I could not control the ball.

Two years ago, I tried Ti-Radical Oversize and Ti-Radical MP (2nd hand), OS one is ok to me.  This one gets me more “Solid feel” and control than the Babolat.

Now some friends ask me to buy MicroGEL Radical Pro (Not MP) for “testing”.

Please comment and advised.

發表於 2011-6-10 14:31:15 | 顯示全部樓層 简体中文繁體中文
Yes, it's 老化

Babolat Pure Drive is Top 10 best racquet in the world (by Tennis Magazine) and many Professional are using now in ATP & WTA. The GT version is the hardest version for all generation, "Team" is a softer version. If you want more harder, you can select Andy Roddick one (315g), I'm using Babolat Pure Drive Roddick GT Plus now, it's hard enough, good ball feel 7 control, easy to swing to generate spin and can provide some power to you.

MG Radical Pro also very good (I use it 2 years before use PD one), it have a good ball feel, easier to swing but need you to generate power. Also this one will heavier than your existing one (315g) as I know that no new racquet in market now......


發表於 2011-6-10 18:22:02 | 顯示全部樓層 简体中文繁體中文
Dear IvanCyCheng C-Hing,

Thank you very much.

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