pls order

13 510

發表於 2008-7-6 11:49:37 | 顯示全部樓層 简体中文繁體中文

回復 1# 的帖子

Adidas Men's Competition 7 Crew  -$326
Adidas Men's Competition 5 Crew -$241
發表於 2008-7-6 12:57:13 | 顯示全部樓層 简体中文繁體中文
ok pls order
發表於 2008-7-6 13:43:05 | 顯示全部樓層 简体中文繁體中文
Have you receive my message ?

Please tell me the color for the apparels .
發表於 2008-7-6 14:24:13 | 顯示全部樓層 简体中文繁體中文
Adidas Men's Competition 7 Crew in Rave Blue w/White size LG
Adidas Men's Competition 5 Crew in Neo Blue w/White size LG
發表於 2008-7-6 17:45:22 | 顯示全部樓層 简体中文繁體中文
i did not received your message! My e-mail address is
發表於 2008-7-6 19:34:56 | 顯示全部樓層 简体中文繁體中文
I made deposit $367.- already(Ref# 4A9E), pls follow my order
發表於 2008-7-6 20:38:05 | 顯示全部樓層 简体中文繁體中文
received. Thanks
發表於 2008-7-10 22:45:07 | 顯示全部樓層 简体中文繁體中文
I would like to order Nike Roger Federer Wimbledon Hat White also

Please reserved one for me and trade together with my order.

發表於 2008-7-10 22:49:38 | 顯示全部樓層 简体中文繁體中文
Your order 'll arrive HK tomorrow but the hat just backorder at TW yesterday so the hat 'll arrive HK on next saturday.Do you want to collect them together to trade ?

By the way,you still not yet give us your phone no.
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