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手汗救星 – Wilson ProGrip Max Lotion 59.1ML 止汗凝膠 網球.羽球.壁球都可用 Grip

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100% NEW; Bought it from the US official Wilson store, 手心易出汗的救星


容量: 2oz(59.1ML)


How to Use:

擠出來在手上抹勻就好,一開始抹在手上會有一陣清涼感,隨即而來的就是乾燥的感覺,效果十分迅速,而且不會有黏膩感, 有效大幅降低手心出汗





PROGRIP MAX is a proprietary lotion that players apply to their hands for improved grip. The lotion evaporates in seconds and deposits microscopic silica particles on the skin. These particles combine with natural oils in the skin to form a fine grade, sandpaper-like moisture barrier on the player’s hands. This barrier significantly increases the friction between a player’s hands and his/her racket handle, thus effectively enhancing grip.


- Keeps your hands dry while providing steady grip

- Non-stircky or tacky and works within seconds

- Single application lasts up to 2 hours

- No-clog bottle allows for easy application 

- Convenient 2 oz. bottle provides easy portability

- Used by players on the ATP & WTA Tour

- Manufactured in the USA

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