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經典傳統硬身拍 Pro Kennex Graphite ACE 網球拍 320g

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經典傳統硬身拍 Pro Kennex Graphite ACE Tenniss Racket 網球拍 320g (Graphite Composite)


Weight: 320g


Material: Graphite Composite


Pattern: 16main / 18 cross


Grip Size: Grip 2 (4 1/4 Inch)


Head Size: 90


90% New


加HK$15 or HK$30 (不同品質) 可代為換上全新球拍柄貼 (Racket handle's Over Grip)!


溫馨提示: 全屬實物相片,也保留版權,請勿複製使用。


Price: HK$ 300






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