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Babolat Pure Drive Roddick 2012 100% new

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[i=s] 本帖最後由 GTSpeed 於 2013-1-15 11:09 編輯 [/i]


For Sale (Babolat Pure Drive Roddick 2012)

315g, 100sq in, 27in Grip no.3

100% new未穿線有原裝拍套,收藏自用都可以





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I have to clarify that this person, full.swing (or any other person with similar names to my net name "fullswing"), is not me.


Maybe I have offended the seller, GTSpeed, which I am really sorry. This is a world of fair trade and I think the price, $1,020 is very reasonable. If not because of Gigasport, this price would be the cheapest you can get in Hong Kong for a brand new PDR 2012. I don't care whether he sells it for profit or not, it is not my concern. I just offer everybody playing with PDR a good chance to get their spare racket cheap.


Anyway, let me do some justice to GTSpeed. As far as I know, Grip 2 has no longer available for sale at Gigasport. They have sold out all grip 2 (only grip 3 and grip 1 remaining). If you are to buy a Grip 2, there is no other place cheaper than here.

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回復 11# fullswing


Nice post fullswing. Regarding to the PD ROddick, Grip 1. Which Gigaxxxt have them on the shelf currently? Your information is greatly appreciated. Thanks a lot.

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