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[FS] AG300s (Buy 2 get 1 free)

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I have 2 AG300s (16x19)


1. 100% new grip 2, not been strung yet, plastic warp with dampener in handle.

Selling for $550


2. 99% new grip 3, strung with prince syn gut, just hit for less than 15 mins, everything brand new (bumper guard also like brand new).

Selling for $500


If you buy the above 2 together, I will give you another AG300 (16x19) grip 3 as gift. This is damaged by my attempt to do silicone injection. Now I have removed most silicone out but still there is some there. Anyway this racket is still playable. With brand new grommet and string (Dunlop Max Comfort).


PM or email to edmundccc@gmail.com


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