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  1. photo of member

    Sell two Head

    Interested, already pm you. Sam
  2. photo of member

    Pro Staff 97L for $950

    price reduced to $900.
  3. 97 sq in, 290gms, 6pts HL, 16x19, grip 2. 98% new Very new, used only for one month. cannot upload more pictures, more can give at request.
  4. Yonex DR 98 Ezone 85%new for $780 Strung weight 310gms, Grip 2, obviously no scratch with clean frame, Balance 310mm, lenght 27 inches .
  5. PS 97L x 2 for $1000 each 97sq in, 290gms, 6pts HL/325cm, 16x19, Grip 2, 99%new the frame is virgin clean without any marks of scratch Bought brand new for a month n strung with Signum Pro/Tornado and Volkl/yclone has tried few times, Unfortunately I find they are too light for me. unable to upload more pictures so I can whatsapp more if needed.
  6. Volkl Classic V1: mid plus, XSL, 16x19, 102 sq ins about 80% new, Volkl V1 Vario Series, mid plus, XSL, 16x18 102sq ins about 80% new.
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    Babolat, Pure Aero Tour for $800

    for information, display name: unclesam and unclesam9@hotmail.com are same person, it is because I open new account before I can reset my old account. I have send pm to your inbox for further contact.
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    Babolat, Pure Aero Tour for $800

    I can give away for $780.
  9. photo of member

    Wilson Juice Lite Amphlifeel $500

    price for the lite reduced to $400. I have another one weights 300gm price at $500.
  10. Wilson Juice Amplifeel 360 Lite Grip L2, weight 279 gms, Balance 34.5 Headsize 100sq ins Pattern 16 x 18 [attach]51786[/attach][attach]51785[/attach][attach]51787[/attach] [attach]51788[/attach]
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    FS: Pure Strike Team grip 2

    Would you tell what is the weight?
  12. photo of member

    FS Babolat Pure Drive Lite for $600

    for sale reduced to $500.
  13. weight 275 gms headsize 100 sq ins balance 320mm 16x19 holes