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    Dunlop Bio M200

    Grip? Weight?
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    Yonex Blue Ezone 98 - Grip 2

    700 fast trade, ok
  3. 經典拍 Wilson N Code Six One 90 亞洲版 70% 新 Grip 3 320g $600 有興趣 請 PM
  4. Want: PRO STAFF 97 315g Grip2 thanks!!
  5. pro staff 97 grip 2 (315g) 2016, 2017 or Autograph version thanks
  6. 教練資料/ Coach Information 姓名:Kelvin / Name: Kelvin 十多年網球經驗,活躍於社區聯賽 Have been playing tennis for more than 10 years and actively participate in tennis league organized by HKTA. 曾擔任大學書院網球隊教練和網球隊隊長,教學和比賽經驗豐富 Was the tennis coach of university colleague team and team leader with lots of match and teaching experience 并曾參與海外網球訓練營集訓 Joined oversea tennis training camp 已獲取美國 PTR 專業 網球教練資格,教學和網球技巧達到專業教練級別 Obtained the instructor qualification from US PTR and rate as professional in both teaching and tennis skills 可以提供單對單或團體教學,并樂意提供陪練服務 Both individual and group lessons are available and could serve as hitting partner 教學語言: 廣東話,普通話,英語 Teaching language: Cantonese, Mandarin and English 收費:$300 - $400 每小時 Price: $300 - $400 per hour 聯絡方式:6536 7532 / kelvinsa1115@gmail.com Contact: 6536 7532 / kelvinsa1115@gmail.com
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    Men's Nike apparel

    sorry! so expensive for me!
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    Men's Nike apparel

    http://www.tennis-warehouse.com/descpageMANIKE-NMSEZWP.html# http://www.tennis-warehouse.com/descpageMANIKE-NMN7SS.html# è????±???! thz!
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    price是多少? Head MicroGEL Extreme Racquet -$878 宜個價錢包唔包拉線?定係淨係個拍?
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    Wilson nCode NBlade 98 Tennis Racquet 幾時有ar?
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    Wilson nCode NBlade 98 Tennis Racquet - T7780 Head MicroGEL Extreme Racquet 宜兩塊分別係幾多錢ar? thz!