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    Prince Power Beam Lite $150

  2. Prince Power Beam Lite Grip 2 $150 超Power 超輕 很易打的球拍
  3. Babolat Pure Drive 初版水波紋 日本直達 Headsize 100in. Weight 300g. Length 27in. Grip 2 HKD 580 Trade Mongkok
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    sell;95s , blade98s & k factor

    Blade98S Sold?
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    Sell: Wilson blade 98S

    Sold? Check pm please
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    Want Wilson Blade98S grip3

    Want Wilson Blade98S grip3 請PM我
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    WILSOM RUSH PRO HC US11.5 $380

    New WILSOM RUSH PRO HC US11.5 $380 Trade Mongkok mtr
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    約奧海城練波 因工作 現在只可以逢星期二四上午10—2 訪客可以遲到早退 謝謝
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    Head Liquidmetal Radical 流金系列

    SOLD thx W6
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    2018 全新Wilson RF97 340g

    2018 全新Wilson RF97 340g
  11. 2018 全新Wilson RF97 340g. Grip2 HKD 1780
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    Head pro stock TGK260.4

    one small deoiling
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    Wilson Juice 108 grip3 $180

  14. Wilson Juice 108 New 70% Headsize 108in. Length 27in. Weight 279g. Grip3 HKD 180 Trade Mongkok MTR
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    Babolat Pure Drive Team Plus $480 grip2

    Yes SOLD