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  1. http://www.tennis-warehouse.com/Wilson_Pro_Overgrip_Player_50_Pack/descpageWILSON-PROPP.html 有現貨嗎? Thanks!
  2. GoPro Hero 5 & Accessor

    Push Push! Sample video taken from the GoPro https://youtu.be/9JCitg-BKUE
  3. GoPro Hero 5 & Accessor

    Push push!
  4. Perfect to record your tennis matches GoPro Hero 5 including 2 original batteries and charger (Perfect condition) Mini Tripod/Selfie Stick Travel case Headband Mount etc etc All for $2,980
  5. PRO STAFF 97 CV

  6. Hitting Partner in To Kwa Wan[To Kwa Wan]

    Anybody free tomorrow afternoon for a hit? Singles - 2 hours at the courts on Tin Kwong Road Level 4.0-4.5. THANKS.
  7. PRO STAFF 97 CV

    99% new Pro Staff 97 Countervail racquet (zero scratches) Size 2 Strung with Luxilon power rough 52lbs Asking for $1,100
  8. Weekdays上午單打partner

    Cool, do you wanna do 10-11am at Tin Kwong Road this Friday? That's the only available time slot that morning sadly.
  9. Hitting Partner in To Kwa Wan[To Kwa Wan]

    Hi Kulafu are you free this week? Let me know and i will arrange accordingly. 9-11am @ Tin Kwong Road is the ideal time for me.
  10. Weekdays上午單打partner

    Hi Andy I can do 9-11am on the Kowloon side, I live in To Kwa Wan. Are you free any day this week? Ronald
  11. Wilson Plastic Stencil

    Can you order the below ONLY! Wilson Plastic Stencil $42 Price: $3.99 http://www.tennis-warehouse.com/Wilson_Plastic_Stencil/descpageWILSON-WSTENCIL.html I will 自取貨品 at Mong Kok.
  12. Wilson Plastic Stencil

    Thanks, can you make the purchase for me please?
  13. http://www.tennis-warehouse.com/Wilson_Plastic_Stencil/descpageWILSON-WSTENCIL.html http://www.tennis-warehouse.com/Gamma_Stencil_Ink/descpageACGAMMA-ALLINK.html (red) Thanks!
  14. Looking for a hitting partner to hit in the afternoon at Tin Kwong Road tennis court. (could do daily or twice a week) Singles, must be able to play games.
  15. Vacuum Cleaner

    $200, final offer! This is a Philips FC5225 vacuum cleaner