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  1. [WANT] Head Microgel Radical Mid+ Grip 2

    我出adv先都比個條友買到先過我...我係米同你有仇架...你連個名都抄左一半:clomou ...咩世界呵:bcry ...anyway...我都係出心幫人買...唉...算吧~:crie
  2. OK...pls order and thanks~:cont
  3. [WANT] Head Microgel Radical Mid+ Grip 2

    replied you and thanks!:bright
  4. [WANT] Head Microgel Radical Mid+ Grip 2

    Yup...this not for me to use and just help friend to find:sorrrr ...I've got the Gel Extreme (both versions) and enough for me la!:succes [ 本帖最後由 bubble168 於 2009-6-16 09:53 編輯 ]
  5. FS : Wilson Kblade Tour

    Hi Joey Sir...let me help to push also:sorrrr 埋嚟揀喇喂~:hands
  6. I want Head Microgel Radical Mid+ in original Grip 2 (no refit) over 80% new. Please pm me for further discussion if you have. Thanks so much your help ar~:bright
  7. Please quote this in size US7.5 / UK 5.5 / EUR 39 / 24.5CM. http://www.tennis-warehouse.com/descpageWSWILSON-WWT2WBS.html Thanks!:bright