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  1. Pls quote Head Graphene Touch Instinct Adaptive Racquet #2 https://www.tennis-warehouse.com/Head_Graphene_Touch_Instinct_Adaptive_Racquet/descpageRCHEAD-HGAIR.html Free Head Sprint Pro 2.0 Red/Black/Iris size US11
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    Wilson rf97S 315g

    Check pm pls.
  3. Please quote: Head Graphene XT Prestige REV PRO Used (grip2) http://www.tenniswarehouse-europe.com/Head_Graphene_XT_Prestige_REV_PRO_Used/descpageRCHEAD-HGXTPRD.html thx.
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    FS: Kneissl racquets

    Red Star 450hkd ok 嗎?
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    Head Prestige MP ATP球員特製拍

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    Sell pure aero us open 90% new

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    Sell pure aero us open 90% new

    Pure Aero VS Stars & Stripes or Pure Aero Stars & Stripes ? Grip size ?
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    check pm pls