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    Wilson RF97 Red Laver Cup Limited Edition

    do u have Blue laver cup, grip 2, new one, how much?
  2. photo of member

    Babolat Pure Strike 100

    still here? can it be $700. Pls PM to discuss if price can talk further
  3. photo of member

    Babolat Pure Strike 100 grip2

    Hi Kenny, can it be HKD700? Can pay you immediately. Awaiting your PM.
  4. photo of member

    RF97 (90% New)

    Hi, Ching, I found another racquet already. So, please cancel this deal, thanks. Happy New Year!
  5. https://www.tenniswarehouse-europe.com/Wilson_Pro_Staff_RF_97_Autograph_Racket/descpageRCWILSON-PSRF97-EN.html Need Wilson Pro Staff RF 97 Autograph Racket Grip 2, one racquet, please quote me and let me know your HSBC or Hang Seng account no. How much for the deposit? Thanks
  6. photo of member

    RF97 (90% New)

    $800 ok, please PM me or what's app me my mobile no. 988xxxx for contact, thanks
  7. photo of member

    Brand New Airpods Pro

    if it's new, why sell out?
  8. photo of member

    2x RF97 340g grip 2

    still here? pls show me more photos
  9. photo of member

    RF97 (90% New)

    Hi the racquet still here? can you show me more photos in different parts of racquet? only 1pc available?
  10. $400 fast trade, pls pM
  11. $500 fast trade. Pls PM