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  1. Different 17g/18g strings for sale. Price as below : Kirschbaum Xplosive Speed 1.20 (2sets) $140 each Kirschbaum ProLine II (1.20x1, 1.25x2) $60 each Technifibre Black Code 17 (Firex2, lime x1) $140 each Babolat Xcel 17 (clear or blue) $160 Babolat Origin 17 $160 Babolat VS Team 17 (3 sets) $360 Gamma Live Professional 17 $180 MS Focus Hex Soft 17 $60 Luxilon Ace 112 (18g) $140 Solinco HyperG soft 17 $90 Signum Pro firestorm 17 $140 YY Polytour Pro 115 (18g) in blue /yellow $100 Half sets : yy polytour 125 yellow $50 Technifibre multifeel 17 $40 Luxilon Ace 18g $60 MSV Focus Hex Soft $30 ******* Stringing of any of the above strings at $60 ($100 if your own strings) 30+years stringing experience. New machine, good clamp base with wise 2086 tensionhead (see pic). Pick up /drop off hk/kowloon can be arranged. 24 hour turn around.
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    Mantis 98 customised

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    Volkl V Sense 7

    Sold to a nice C Hing
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    Volkl V Sense 7

    A pair of volkl Vsense 7. Grip3. Both in excellent condition. Minor scratches at head. No major paint chip. 104sq in head. 27.3in length. 290g unstrung. Good power but great control and feel. Easy to play with. Soft on the arm, good for tennis elbow sufferers. Great for doubles especially. One unstrung. One strung with luxilon ace 112 Mains/technifiber multifeel 17 crosses. $480 for 1, $850 for both.
  5. 90% new ezone 100L in grip 2. Just one paint chip (see picture), otherwise almost like new. Strung in Babolat Exel 17g. 54lbs. $840 with racquet bag.
  6. Brand new 200m reel Solinco Hyper-G 1.15mm (18 gauge) $830
  7. 99.9% new Blade 16x19 in grip 2. Latest V8 (not the usual V7 in green /black) US OPEN Ltd Edition Black/Grey colour. Strung in Technifibre X-One Biphase @53lbs. Only used for one session. No scratches on frame. Plastic on grip is still intact. $1280. No bargain please. https://www.tennis-warehouse.com/Wilson_US_Open_Blade_98_16x19_v8/descpageRCWILSON-USOP98.html
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    Wilson Blade 16x19 v7 grip 2

    WA 981xxxx
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    Wilson Blade 16x19 v7 grip 2

    Interested in your Wilson Blade. Can trade immediately.
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    Head Graphene 360 Extreme Lite

    Still available?
  11. $1080 with yonex racquet bag.
  12. $1130. Comes with original Yonex racquet bag.