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  1. Ezone 98 plus, 2020 model. Grip 2 (4 1/4). Strung in Babolat vs team natural gut. Played only once. As good as new. $1380
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    Which model is this? Can I see the clamps and base clamps please? Thanks.
  3. Interested in a Gamma Progression II table top machine, with electronic tensioner and 6 point mounting system? for both badminton/tennis racquets. Comes with a spare drop weight constant pull system.
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    Prince X100 tour, twisted frame

    Pls check PM\
  5. 100 inch sq, grip 2. Twisted frame construction, right hander model. Japan exclusive model, not the older X100 version. Please check princetennis.jp website for more information Changed replacement grip, strung with Tour Bite at main, Biphase at cross, 48lb $890
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    Mantis 98 customised

    16x19 ~285g, 4 points HL
  7. Customizer mantis MidPlus racquet 98sq in, grip 2. Strung in Babolat Xcel 17 multi. 90% new. More pictures on request. $400
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    2020 YONEX EZONE 100

    Pls check PM
  9. 99% new Ezone 105 Grip 1 (4 1/8) Strung with Sidewinder Poly 17 Mains; Babolat Excel Power 17 Natural Crosses @47lbs. Used only a few times, headtape protected (no scratches); plastic wrapper on handle still. $890. Serious buyer only pls
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    Pls quote Asics Tennis Shoes

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    Pls quote Asics Tennis Shoes

    qualify for half price if I buy some more? 凡 '運費總額' 滿 $500 運費可再獲減半,在同一期到港才能計算
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    Pls quote Asics Tennis Shoes

    Please also quote : 1.) Nike Women's Summer Flex 2-in-1 Short in White / Black (100) (Size M) https://www.tennis-warehouse.com/Nike_Womens_Summer_Flex_2-in-1_Short/descpageWANIKE-NWSFXSH.html 2.) Nike Women's Summer Elevated Essential Short in Obsidian / Obsidian / White (451) (Size S) https://www.tennis-warehouse.com/Nike_Womens_Summer_Elevated_Essential_Short/descpageWANIKE-NWSEESH.html 3.) Nike Women's Summer Court Top Obsidian / White (451) (Size S) https://www.tennis-warehouse.com/Nike_Womens_Summer_Court_Top/descpageWANIKE-NWSCRT.html