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  1. Recently strung with 混gut 線 (羊腸 + poly) at HKD350. Asking only HKD 750 (A bargain deal!)
  2. Yonex Vcore 98 galaxy black 90% new unstrung HKD 580
  3. It is 99 Sq. Inch. yes, you could only find 97 Sq inch with 21mm beam in official website.
  4. Wilson ProStaff 97 tuxedo 315g countervail version grip 2 85% new, normal play condition, some minor scratches and paint chips on white paint. recently strung with natural gut / poly. main Babolat VS Touch (51lbs) / Cross Alu Power (49lbs) exclude rubber band asking HKD 900
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    Topspin pro trainer 90% new

    Sold. thanks W6
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    Donnay X Dual Gold 94 (98% new)

    Sold. thanks W6
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    Topspin pro trainer 90% new

    大人或小朋友用兩三次, 就會輕易掌握 top spin 技巧 。 上有 YouTube video 教學 原價 HKD 1,300
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    Donnay X Dual Gold 94 (98% new)

    Dual core means “foams filled in two partitions inside the racket beam on the whole racket beam” (in contrast to hollow beam in most of retail rackets eg babolat) which gives a feel of firm and control just like some pro stock rackets. hope this help.
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    Donnay X Dual Gold 94 (98% new)

    326 g (strung static weight)
  10. Top spin pro trainer , highly recommended ! 90% new with original bag for easy carry. HKD 780 only https://youtu.be/K8XS2weIagU https://youtu.be/qQA0TZRkluU
  11. Grip 3 Asking for HKD 900 only !
  12. Donnay Pro One 18x20 Brand new Core: Tri-core head size: 99 Sq. inch unstrung weight: 305.7g unstrung balance: 314mm (12”3/8) unstrung HL balance: 9HL beam width: 20.2 / 20.2 / 20.5 mm length: 27” stiffness: 63RA colour: Dark silver mirror / grey paint job Excellent racket, but poor marketing. you can even compare it with pro stock rackets. With 305g weight, it can be easily customised. Natural gut / polyester string on this racket is highly recommended! I can share more with you if you’re interested. :):) hit me up!