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  1. I am quite familiar with Wilson and Babolat rackets of any series with different versions, like for babolat’s , tour means +15g, team -15g, lite -20g; for Wilson’s, S = with spin string is pattern, L = lite version, etc. Crystal clear! Recently I wanna get a Head racket, but I start being confused with different versions’ terms. Can any chings advise on what the below normally stand for ? 1. Pro 2. Tour 3. MP 4. S 5. Mid
  2. replacement grip : Fairway Leather England (Brown colour) string: Volkl Cyclone 18 orange @ 50lbs minor scratches. No dents and damage. Neither oxidation (i.e. thus sticky) nor chipped (i.e. shinny under surface shown) found on matt black surface materials, thus it is 90% new on cosmetic
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    Wilson pro staff 97LS (black)

    No HKD 700, thanks Anyway, it’s sold to a nice ching. Thanks W6
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    Wilson Pro Staff RF97 (black)

    Sold to a nice ching ! Thank you so much W6 !
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    Wilson Pro Staff RF97 (black)

    No HKD 700, thanks. And hold for another ching
  6. Wilson ProStaff RF97 340g strung grip 2 90% new ribber band is not included asking for HKD 850 only
  7. Wilson ProStaff 97 (non countervail) grip 2, 315g unstrung, newly strung 90% new leather under-grip used asking for HKD 700
  8. Wilson ProStaff 97LS grip 1 (easily make it grip 2) 95% new RPM blast @49 lbs (2 months) rubber band is not included asking only HKD 850
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    100% New Nike Zoom Vapor X HC

    Thanks for your reply, please hold one for me (size mentioned in the pm) and contact me for the trade details
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    100% New Nike Vapor X Men's Tennis Shoes

    Hi ching C please check your pa
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    100% New Nike Zoom Vapor X HC

    Hi ching , please check the pm , thanks
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    港島網球波友whatsapp group[HK]

    Interested too , please pm me for the group info
  13. Hi, I’m interested too
  14. Pro Staff RF 97 (black version) 85%-90% 340g unstrung asking HKD 850 only