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  1. Luxilon Elite Dry overgrip 10 pieces left in this pack. HKD 140 feel like tourna overgrip
  2. photo of member

    Selling brand new H22 grip 2

    may i have the specs?
  3. Sold to a nice ching thanks W6
  4. HKD 750 now excellent racket of choice !
  5. An arm-friendly, flexible and comfortable soft racket (57RA) in a Pure Drive like frame but as POWERFUL and SPIN-friendly as Wilson Clash tour (similar feel too). Unlike traditional Donnay Pro One line, this racket provide more modern feel. Strung with X-CoPoly Edge 17: 7 Edges and more Bite similar to RPM Blast, excellent feel and control for hard hitters. It retains tension longer than other polyesters and provides comfort without the harsh feel of most polys. PS: over 98% new
  6. Similar in specs Babolat Pure Drive and Aero pro in head size and shape, stationary weight, balance and beam width in specifications, but the real difference is the plush feeling of wood at the core. The Formula Hexacore has the feeling of wood but the power of graphite and fits all player levels from beginners trying to make contact with the string bed and keep shots in the court to advanced baseline bashers. It’s plush and comfortable with tremendous power and accuracy due to the six cores and, of course, Donnay’s signature arm-protection comfort.
  7. Donnay Formula 100 Unibody Version: 2020 current model Core: HexaCore Grip 2 over 98% new Bought it at USD 199, now just asking HKD 850 PS: rubber band and Overgrip are not included Head size: 100sq" Unstrung Weight: 300g Unstrung Balance: 320mm Strung Weight: 314.6g Strung Balance: 3 Points HL Strung Swing Wt: 320 String Pattern: 16x19 Stiffness (RDC): 57 Grip: Cushion Rec. String Tension: 45lbs (+/- 10) Beam Width: 20/27/24mm Length: 27 Technology: Hexa XēneCore™ https://dxxxxxtennis.com/txxxis-racquets/formula-hexacore-171.html
  8. “The Pro One 16x19, Hexacore is for advanced players who are looking for the original classic Head Prestige PT57A which were made in Austria but dont want to pay $700.” any ching interested in this racket, feel free to drop me your contact, I will share more with you cheers,
  9. Head size: 97sq" AVERAGE: Unstrung Weight: 305g Unstrung Balance: 315mm Unstrung S.W. 285 String Pattern: 16x19 Stiffness (RDC): 57 Grip: Cushion Rec. String Tension: 45lbs (+/- 10) Beam Width: 21/21/21mm Length: 27 Technology: Hexacore XēneCore™ https://donnaxxxxxxxxxx
  10. Donnay Pro One Hexa Core 97 (current model) 16 x 19 newly strung with Taan 5600 1.15mm @ 46lbs , 90% new, Grip 2 excellent feel and touch but arm friendly despite low power level. Flexible frame with low stiffness. This stick is a bit underrated due to poor marketing... asking HKD 800 original USD 199 (current 2020)