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    Dunlop Black Widow 18 String

    Yuen long
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    Dunlop Black Widow 18 String

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    Dunlop Black Widow 18 String

    Pls order http://www.tennis-warehouse.com/Dunlop_Black_Widow_18_String/descpageACDUNLOP-DBW18.html . 15 packs
  4. Pls quote http://www.tennis-warehouse.com/ ... ACDUNLOP-DBW18.html 15pack
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    99% New Babolat Pure Areo VS

    Fast Trade $ 1000, now
  6. Babolat Pure Aero VS Sell :99% new, Babolat Pure Aero VS with Bag no scratches on the racket Strung 54 lbs $1100 Strung Specifications[table=150] [tr][td]Head Size: 98 sq. in. / 632.26 sq. cm.[/td][/tr] [tr][td]Length: 27in / 68.58cm[/td][/tr] [tr][td]Strung Weight: 10.4oz / 295g[/td][/tr] [tr][td]Balance: 13in / 33.02cm / 4 pts HL[/td][/tr] [tr][td]Swingweight: 319[/td][/tr] [tr][td]Stiffness: 67[/td][/tr] [tr][td]Beam Width: 21mm / 21mm / 21mm /[/td][/tr] [tr][td]Composition: Graphite[/td][/tr] [tr][td]Power Level: Low-Medium[/td][/tr] [tr][td]Stroke Style: Full[/td][/tr] [/table]
  7. Babolat Pure Aero VS Tour Sell :99% new,no scratches on the racket Babolat Pure Aero VS Tour with Bag Grip Size: 2 (4 1/4") Sting Pattern : 16x 20scratches on the racket Strung with: Msv 54 x Ngr2 52 lb $1100
  8. City: Hong Kong (China) Location: N.T. Kowloon, HK Island Season: Year Round Certification: HKTA Tennis Coach level 1 1998 Price: $400/hr Tennis for all I am an enthusiastic coach and have extensive experience working with players of all ages and abilities. Over 13 years of coaching tennis experience in teaching juniors and adults from recreational to competitive level.Objectives: junior tennis Comprehensive programme provided that aims to give all junior tennis players the solid foundation of necessary skills & techniques combined with a positive attitude and love of the game that will keep your junior playing and enjoying tennis for life. Adult tennis Comprehensive programme provided that aims to give alladult players the solid foundation, necessary skills and love of the game that will allow them to continue playing & enjoying the game of tennis for life. Individual / Group lessons are available. Lesson Objective:Structural lessons to fit your objectives. Focus on tennis foundation and skills such as stroke production, strategy, the mental game of tennis, match play (with feedback) or any combination thereof -- you decide. Individual / Group Lessons: Please contact Donald man for further details: locations, time arrangement,costs... Contact Information: sms,whatsapp,mobile at 93465777 Donald Man e-mail: mandon22@yahoo.com.hk HOPE TO SEE YOU ON THE COURT!!!
  9. interested pls contact me
  10. SOLD to a nice C-HING:)