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  1. Please Pm price and location, thanks
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    港島網球波友whatsapp group[HK]

    Interest, Please PM thanks.
  3. Will love to join if still available, please check pm
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    帝琴灣, lake silver

    Looking for relax and enjoyable tennis section from mid level tennis players around this area, prefer to play during weekday after work (after 6pm).
  5. Selling a head youtek speed Lite, grip 3, 90%new (no chip) for $600. Sprung with Klip Drive 60lb for two months. http://www.tennistown.com.hk/detail.asp?catid=9594&subcatid=9592&pdtid=323516&private= any interest pls pm me for photos!! Thank you
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    BLX 95 for sale (309g version)

    回復 5# patchung Hi, my email is "damyounow@hotmail.com" Thank you.
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    BLX 95 for sale (309g version)

    That's the JP version right? Any photo C-hing?