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    二手網球出售 黃埔自取

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    Babolat ElastoCross String Saver Locks

    ok will take it in MK, please pm
  3. https://www.tenniswarehouse-europe.com/Babolat_ElastoCross_String_Saver_Locks/descpageQBA-EC2.html beige thanks!
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    二手網球出售 黃埔自取

    $0.5/1 please pm
  5. https://www.tenniswarehouse-europe.com/Grapplesnake_Cube_Extra_Sharp_Liquid_Hybrid_String_123/descpageAC-GCESS123.html *2
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    二手網球出售 黃埔自取

    I dont mind selling balls to you at $0.5/1, but it has to be trade in whampoa station. Obviously I can't bring such amount of balls to work
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    - Black Friday Sale

    Hi Since no more discount, please cancel this. My another order still need to pay hkd300, thus the hkd160 paid for this order please credit to that. So I'll have to pay hkd140 more, please confirm
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    - Black Friday Sale

    black then Thanks
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    - Black Friday Sale

    White thanks Please pm
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    - Black Friday Sale

    will take up in mk please pm
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    WIlson BLX 90 grip 3

    Check pm please
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    二手網球出售 黃埔自取

    still available, forget how old u can determine from the photos and if u want please pm, thanks!
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    - Black Friday Sale

    https://www.tennis-warehouse.com/Tourna_Poly_Big_Hitter_Black_7_String_16/descpageACUNIQUE-UBHBK16.html https://www.tennis-warehouse.com/Tourna_Poly_Big_Hitter_Black_7_String_17/descpageACUNIQUE-UBHBK17.html https://www.tennis-warehouse.com/YTex_Quadro_Twist_16L_String/descpageYTEX-YTQT16.html
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    extra 25%

    Hi if I add few packs of strings. Will the freight counted as over 5packs (ie +7 for each pack)?
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    RF 97 prototype black

    Hi it is the all black version of pro staff 97 2015? https://www.google.com.hk/search?q=pro+staff+97+2015&client=ms-android-h3g-hk&prmd=ivmn&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjPvtrhl-zeAhVF5rwKHTtmBTUQ_AUIEigB&biw=360&bih=512