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  1. Zepp Tennis 2 Swing & Match Analyzer - For sale HKD $500 - 95% new, used about 10 time on court since purchased in Jan 2018. Full original package content: - 1 x User Manual - 1 x USB charging cable - 1 x Pro Mount (Original double-sided tape removed already, I applied new 3M extra strong double-sided tape and it's as good as original double-sided tape). - 1 x Insert Mount - 1 x Flex Mount More details here: http://www.zeppxxxx
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    90% new, Pro Staff 97 RF Autograph

    Please check PM.
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    Wilson Pro Staff 90, Grip 3

    Is this the version that is 340 gram un-strung?
  4. 徵求 Wilson RF97 Autograph 340 gram Grip #3 (all black version) Please PM me with offer.
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    FS: HEAD Youtek Prestige Pro Grip #2

    This is the version before IG version. It just has IG version grommet installed so it looks like IG version.
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    MSV Focus HEX 1.18 200M String Reel

    I read the link and confirm order delivery to my business address in my profile via 順豐.
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    MSV Focus HEX 1.18 200M String Reel

    Confirm and please order all the below items then. MSV Focus HEX 1.18 200m String Reel $621x2=$1242 現在得2卷 57,90 € black http://www.tenniswarehouse-europe.com/MSV_Focus_HEX_118_200m_String_Reel/descpageACMAUVE-MFH118R.html Heat Shrink Sleeve (build one grip size) x 2 $26x2=$52 $2.00 http://www.tennis-warehouse.com/Heat_Shrink_Sleeve_build_one_grip_size/descpageGAMMA-SLEEV.html Wilson Pro Staff 97 & RF97 Grommet (2015) $65 $6.99 http://www.tennis-warehouse.com/Wilson_Pro_Staff_97__RF97_Grommet_2015/descpageWILSON-WPS97RFBG.html
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    MSV Focus HEX 1.18 200M String Reel

    The MSV 200m reels black in stock now? Tennis warehouse EU website today show there are two reels of black in stock. http://www.tenniswarehouse-europe.com/MSV_Focus_HEX_118_200m_String_Reel/descpageACMAUVE-MFH118R.html