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    Six One 95L (18x20)

  2. Push, welcome to make offer.
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    Nike Tennis Shorts

    Nike Tennis Shorts, 90%, Size L. $120
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    Prostaff 95 (95% new) Grip 2

    C Hing, the Pro staff 95 still available?
  5. Costs for restring the racquet together with brand new grommet and the babolat grip cost me over$300.
  6. To update the status, it is around 85%, with normal scratches on 3, 7, 9 & 12 o'clock and small paint drops on both sides of the bridge.
  7. Head racquet carrying bag. $30
  8. Have newly strung with Pacific Power Twist on 60/65lb. Also with brand new grommet and Babolat grip. Whole racquet looks like 99% new. Pm me if you have interest.
  9. 99.99% Lotto tennis tee, never worn. Size M, $99.
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    Dunlop tennis tees + shorts

    Sold. Thanks W6 and your watching.