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  1. photo of member

    Nike Court Air Zoom Zero

    Still available? Thanks
  2. photo of member

    Want Blade SW 104

    Yes,please photos by mail directly,Thanks
  3. photo of member

    Want Blade SW 104

  4. photo of member

    Want Blade SW 104

    Dear all, I want Blade SW 104, who want to sell it?any condition,will accept! thanks a lot !
  5. photo of member

    FS: Babolat POP Tennis Sensor

    Pm you already
  6. photo of member

    FS Pure drive plus 27.5 grip3

    Hi ,please check pm
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    Wilson Burn 100S Tennis Racquet

    Please,check pm,thx
  8. photo of member

    2016 Wilson Burn 100 CV

    Pm you ! Thanks
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    looking for yonex ai 98 Grip 2

    Hello,I have Ai 98,G3 Are you interest?pm me please
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    出DR98(Grip2) 換Ai98(Grip3)

    Do you still interest to exchange my Ai 98 ? Thanks
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    Want: YY Vcore 95D grip2

    Hi,do you still want Vcore 95D G2? I have one 80-85% new Pm me ,thanks
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    出DR98(Grip2) 換Ai98(Grip3)

    Hi,I have AI98 G3,still available?90%new Thanks
  13. photo of member

    2015 Blade 104 (18x19), Grip 3

    Would you accept 700,trade at Kowloon tong Friday atfernoon. please
  14. photo of member

    Burn 100S

    Check pm,please