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  1. I'm a sufferer of both TE(tennis elbow) and GE(golfer's elbow) since last May. I've been practising tennis for more than 30yrs. The first incident was happened in 2008 on my first use of poly strings. I didn't aware the cause of pain until last year I used Signum Pro Poly Plasma, the problem quickly came onto my elbow again. Guys, drop the poly, lower the string tension, change a softer stick and check your playing style to save your arm.
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    Modern Forehand grip

    my friend, there are ways of "modern" forehand grip for one's own preference http://www.tennis.com/your-game/2009/10/grip-guide---a-grip-on-your-game/17981/
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    How to hit good kick serve?

    agreed with kevin who has emphasized the importance of toss positioning. then the racquet to be dictated a top spin movement over the server's head to perform such trajectory.
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    How to slice?

    practise slices with the direction of follow through............body movement forward together with the flow of the racquet p.s. check and adjust the racquet face opening for results
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  7. 真好,煩PM我你的聯絡電話,會安排在旺角地鐵交收....要求只要不是假野....無裂和正常9成使用痕跡便可........如有特別condition, 請注明情況,方便大家, lastly, 是否337g重? thanks!!!!
  8. 因新手不能PM..........請通知一下
  9. 很有興趣......還在賣嗎?