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    Wilson PS97

    請問幾重?? 16x19??
  2. 想換新拍,急放$1150
  3. 100% new weight 300g string pattern 16x19 head size 100 grip size #3 with original cover sell $1250 有興趣朋友請pm留電話回覆!!! thank you
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    Babolat Pure Aero

    sold for nice c-hing
  5. 75% new weight 300g string pattern 16x19 head size 100 grip size #2 string:Babolat RPM Blast Rough17 52b只打咗6-8小時 請注意:Bumper位有正常使用痕跡如圖 2面1點位有花及甩油如圖 其他位置原整無决 價格已經反映質素,不過絕對不會影響發揮 現放$750 本人想換拍才出售 有興趣朋友請pm留電話回覆!!! thank you
  6. 95% new with Box Size: US9 Sell: $850 只著過3次極新淨,每次打完都必清潔 If you are interested, please PM leave your phone no. thank you
  7. 100% new weight 315g string pattern 16x19 head size 100 grip size #2 現放$950 有興趣朋友請pm留電話回覆!!! thank you
  8. Babolet PURE AERO VS 100% new weight 295g string pattern 16x20 head size 98 grip size #2 現放$980 有興趣朋友請pm留電話回覆!!! thank you
  9. [align=left]Babolat Pure Aero VS[/align][align=left]100% All new [/align][align=left]Grip #2 有原裝拍套[/align][align=left]Weight 295g[/align][align=left]Stringing Pattern 16 / 20[/align][align=left]Head size 98q.in[/align][align=left]現放$1050[/align][align=left]有興趣請pm留電話約交收!!![/align][align=left]thank you[/align]
  10. [align=left]NikeDel PotroTee USopen 2016[/align][align=left]保證100% New with bag[/align][align=left]香港買 Asia size: M [/align][align=left]HK$359[/align][align=left]有意購買請pm留電話聯絡[/align][align=left]thank you[/align]
  11. 2016 Aus. Open Nike Tee for Del Potro 100% All new with tag & bag HongKong Asia size: M HK$330 you interested. please PM to me Thank you