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    FS : CLASH100 Grip2(Brand New)

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    FS : CLASH100 Grip2(Brand New)

    negotiations is welcomed. feel free to PM !
  3. The HOT stick Clash100 Condition : Brand New String : Tour Bite 52/50 Grip : 2 Ask for $1400 (with original Cover)
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    YONEX REGNA 98 Grip2 (Japan Only)

    price down to $1400. feel free to discuss ~!
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    Yonex DR98 Grip2 99% new

    sold to a nice ching
  6. Yonex REGNA grip 2 (Japan only) Head Size : 98 sq.inch Weight : 310g Balance Point : 315mm String : Prince Tour XS (https://www.tennis-warehouse.com/Prince_Tour_XS_125_String/descpageACTWABG-PTXS125.html) Review & Comment : https://www.zhihu.com/question/55274681 Bought from Japan at 2500HKD up. Kept in excellent condition (as you can see the shinny yonex protective tapes) Ask for $1900, comes with original envelope type cover. Negotiation is welcomed. Feel free to ask if interested!
  7. kept in excellent condition. protective tape at hood (turn yellow) ask for $650. negotiations is welcomed. feel free to pm
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    Pure Aero Grip2 (95% new)

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    Pure Aero Grip2 (95% new)

    Price down to $700, feel free to ask for more info or photos.
  10. Pure Aero Grip: 2 String: Black Code kept in excellent condition, rarely used. Asked for $800, with original cover/bag. Please PM if interested, negotiations is welcomed!
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    yonex REGNA grip2

    jp limited only. grip 2, hit once only. guard tape attached in perfect condition. comes with special envelop type cover. ask for $2600.
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    [For Sale] K90 tour asian version Grip2

    Yes still available
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    [Ask For] prostaff 97s

    please pm if u wanna sell the captioned item. thanks
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    [For sale] Ai98 Grip2 95% new

    sold, thx
  15. Great classic feel racket. solid, precise and plushed 70% condition with normal used scratches. strung with beast attack hybrid 54lbs. Asking for $500. Negotiation welcomed. PM if interested.