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  1. Classic Graphite Pro 110 (Reissued) Newly strung with 18g poly and 17g syn gut at 62lbs. Played 2 hours No paint chip, few scratches on bumper Price $250 Trade at MTR
  2. Classic Prince Racquet in grip 3 No paint chip (got some pink color splatters on some spots) Some scratches on bumper only. Strung with Prince Synthetic gut around 55lbs. Price: 200 Trade at MTR stations
  3. HEAD Graphite Tour (Trisys 270 USA) Has a unique vibration dampener built in. Condition: 75% new with some wear on the sides and bumper. Overall Very good! String Pattern 18x20 Weight: 320g Price: 300 trade near MTR station
  4. Condition: 90% new (no paint chip) normal bumper wear few minor scratches from handling and protection tape Strings: Prokennex poly main syn. cross 17G 52lbs (played 3-4 hours) Trade: at MTR green line between Prince Edward and Choi Hung Price: 500 Length27 inches Head Size97 square inches Weight 310 grams Balance Point 7pts Head Light Construction20.5mm / 20.5mm / 20.5mm / String Pattern16 mains / 20 crosses Flex Rating 63 Swing Weight 317
  5. Free of charge, just need to pick up at Choi Hung or Prince Edward mtr. Specs similar to Prince CTS synergy db26 except no bridge dampener whatsapp for pictures