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  1. Two Angell TC97 Tours with leather grip in good condition. Grommets in good shape and some paint chips on both racquets. No structure damage. $1300 for both racquets, $700 for one. Unstrung spec: 320g/11.4oz Balance 310mm/10pts hl Pattern: 16X19 Length: 27"/685.8mm Stiffness: 63RA One strung with Gamma Zo Verve 17 at 52/50 One strung with Solinco Revolution 18 52/50 Please PM if interested.
  2. Condition 8/10. No cracks, little streches on bumper gurad and little paint chips. Tecnifibre leather grip installed. Spec and TW review here: https://www.tennis-warehouse.com/reviews/YDR98/YDR98review.html?from=tenrec Trade at MTR stations near TKO line. Please PM if interested.
  3. Men Dry EX V-Neck in White, Size M. Bought from US Uniqlo, original price $39.90 USD, selling for $200HKD. Trade at MTR stations near or on TKO line.
  4. Some scratches on frame, no structure damage. 65% condition. Come with YY bag. Strung with Tour Bite (main) / Ace 18 (cross) at Tension 52/50 about a month ago and hitted with few times only. $600 Trade at MTR stations near or on TKO line. Please PM with whatsapp number.