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  3. I've been playing tennis for more than 10 years and passed HKTA Level 1 License in 2016. If you have basic skills/techniques to play on the court and wanna hit consistent rallies or play games after daily work, I will be your perfect partner to work up a sweat and have funs. 本人打網球超過10年, 最近成功取得HKTA Level 1 License。如果你已掌握基本的網球技巧,並想在工餘時間搵人搓波或開GAME,我好願意與你一起努力,在網球場出一身汗,享受打波的樂趣。 Personal profile Gender: Male Age: Early 30's Language: Cantonese/English/Madarin Dominant hand: Right hand Backhand: Single-handed Weight: 67kg Height: 175cm Contact Information E-mail: isaaclam208@hotmail.com Phone: 93829592