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    Want: RF97 black/white Tuxedo version

    Grip 2 please, Thanks.
  2. Looking for RF97 black/white Tuxedo version, please PM if ok for HK$1000 or below, Thanks.
  3. 325g unstrung Strings : Mains 46lbs Volkl Cyclone black colour , Cross 44lbs Vokl Cyclone orange colour Headsize: 98 sqinch Beam width: 20mm String pattern: 18x20 Price HK$550
  4. Price down to HK$500 for a prostock racket!!
  5. Prince Textreme TOUR GRAPHITE 100 XR Grip 2 Japan only version tennis racket Japan only version 315g unstrung Strings : Mains 46lbs ProHurricane Tour, Cross 44lbs Babolat Addiction Length: 27.25inch Headsize: 100 sqinch Beam width: 19.5mm String pattern: 16x18 Price HK$550 https://princexxxx
  6. Prince EXO3 GRAPHITE 100T Type-J Grip 3 Pro-stock Prostock nice feeling racket brought back from Japan, Baby Steps manga main character Eiichirō Maruo racket. Measured Weight 341g strung with grip and overgrips. Price HK$600
  7. Wilson 6 pack tennis bag, HK$200, please PM if interested.