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  1. Orange One Sold Green One Available
  2. One Normal Version & One Wimbledon Version, Very New, Strung Cross-NGR2 (52lb) & Main-Tour Bite (50lb) two weeks ago Trade at MTR Tsuen Wan Line HK$800 each
  3. photo of member

    Prostaff 95 Grip 3

    keep for self-use, THX
  4. photo of member

    Prostaff 95 Grip 3

    string vsrpm SOLD
  5. Solinco HyperG 17 HK$100 each, trade at wanchai
  6. 313g & add some lead tape to around 326g 16x19, 80% new, have some scratches on grommet & frame one strung Tour Bite 16L (HK$450) one strung VS/RPM (HK$500) If both, HK$900 Trade at Wanchai to Meifoo MTR Station
  7. sorry, hold for other C Hing
  8. or exchange Ezone DR98 (310g) or Pure Strike 98 (16x19) latest version
  9. 340g & 16x19, 80% new & little play, have scratches on grommet & frame, strung with AluPowerRough x NGR2 come with bag & 1 set of new grommet HK$550 trade wanchai to meifoo mtr station