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    Head radical MP grip3

    I am interested and please refer to message for contact.
  2. 100% 全新, 盒己丟, size 9.5, 售價 $400. 街頭大熱, 但朋友另買對 Nike, 因大多波鞋, 叫我代售. 地鉄旁晚或周末交收 因只是代友, Sold as is! No Return!
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    Sell HEAD 網球背囊 $150

    Interested and please check e-mail for contact information.
  4. Interested. Please check PM for my offer.
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    100%Brand NEW NIKE Tennis shoes.

    I offer 300 and no time waster. Cheers
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    Head Speed Lite Grip 3

    Please check PM.