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    Kowloon tennis whatsapp group

    setup a whatsapp group for tennis games gathering arrangement, Please PM your contact to discuss further, thanks.
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    Tecnifibre 320

    i bought it
  3. USPTR instructor(Leve 1 and 2) 美國職業網球教練協會文憑教練(Level 1 and 2) Former college tennis team player and vice captain of CHC 前香港珠海學院大專杯網球隊副隊長 Former college tennis team coach of chc 前香港珠海學院大專杯網球隊總教練 tecnifibre sponsor tecnifibre 贊助網球教練 有5年教育經驗,收費($250-$390/per hour)
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    F'S:TF_320 vo2max

    i pm u
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    Wilson K Factor Six.One Tour

    i pm you
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    $1000 有興趣請pm聯絡
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    Wilson ProStaff Tour 90

    i bought it
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    Aero Pro Drive Grip #4

    $480,i bought it
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    Babolat AeroPro Drive Cortex

    is it sale?
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    TF racquets

    ok i bought it 3 is it $450
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    Prince EXO rebel 95

    the Prince EXO rebel 95 not sold it yet! could i bought it?
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    i am the usptr coach and itf pro
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    i could play with you pm me