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  1. Aero Pro Drive Grip #4

    $480,i bought it
  2. TF racquets

    ok i bought it 3 is it $450
  3. Prince EXO rebel 95

    the Prince EXO rebel 95 not sold it yet! could i bought it?
  4. 徵陪打(九龍)

    i am the usptr coach and itf pro
  5. 徵陪打(九龍)

    i could play with you pm me
  6. Aero pro drive gt 60% new 350hkd

    i bought it pm me
  7. 徵陪打

    ok let me see your tennis skill first
  8. 徵陪打

    what is you level?
  9. 徵陪打

    i can play with you
  10. 時間:平日星期一及星期五晚上或8-10 目標:每週兩場,3.0以下,男女均可 有興趣者請pm及留電話號碼
  11. Prokennex帽

  12. 全新prokennex12支裝網球裝$380
  13. Used Ball