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  1. Grip 2, same spec as 2015 version, 1300hkd, trade at tinhau station, no bargain pls Pls pm if interested
  2. YONEX EZONE DR 98 BLUE Edition!!! ~ $1,600 brand new, brought back from taiwan, not released in hongkong yet no bargain pls, trade in tinhau station grip 2, same spec as the dark gun/lime one released last year, just new cosmetic, can refer to yonex official website:http://www.yonex.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx pls pm if interested
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    FS: Yonex DR 100 Grip 2

    pls pm if still available
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    YONEX EZONE 100 (90%-95%新)

    pls check pm
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    Nike items

    [backcolor=rgb(248, 248, 248)]There is "Extra 25% off all sale apparel", please help to quote below items. Thanks.[/backcolor] [backcolor=rgb(248, 248, 248)] [/backcolor] [backcolor=rgb(248, 248, 248)]1) [/backcolor]http://www.tennis-warehouse.com/Nike_Mens_Summer_KO_Slacker_Pant/descpageMANIKE-NMSPKOP.html [backcolor=rgb(248, 248, 248)]Size: S[/backcolor] [backcolor=rgb(248, 248, 248)]Color: [/backcolor]Black [backcolor=rgb(248, 248, 248)] [/backcolor] [backcolor=rgb(248, 248, 248)]2) [/backcolor]http://www.tennis-warehouse.com/Nike_Mens_Summer_Premier_Jacket/descpageMANIKE-NMSUPJ.html[backcolor=rgb(248, 248, 248)] [/backcolor][backcolor=rgb(248, 248, 248)]Size: S[/backcolor] [backcolor=rgb(248, 248, 248)]Color: [/backcolor]Black [backcolor=rgb(248, 248, 248)]3) [/backcolor]http://www.tennis-warehouse.com/Nike_Mens_Spring_Premier_RF_N98_Jacket/descpageMANIKE-NMSPRN9.html [backcolor=rgb(248, 248, 248)]Size: S[/backcolor] [backcolor=rgb(248, 248, 248)]Color: [/backcolor]White Thanks!
  6. a little bit scratches/paint chip at the head area of the main body, more at the plastic head, can change it yourself if you care about it
  7. revised: strings: Tecnifibre X One 17 at 55lbs, played only once, strings cost $220...so no bargain please
  8. FS: 80% new babolat pure drive plus grip2 strings: Tecnifibre X One 16, at 55lbs trade in tinhau station please PM if interested, thanks
  9. weekend 維園/銅鑼灣運動場 or 香港網球中心打波 維園/銅鑼灣運動場通常只book到8~10pm, 網球中心可book到下晝,視乎大家夾 平日早8~9練波亦可 prefer打game, 尋水平3.5或以上穩定波友,請pm聯絡方式
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    interested. pls check pm