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  2. 網球初學體驗班(共10小時) 這個體驗班有甚麼好處 讓參加者認識網球樂趣,通過掌握基本技術,開始進行對打和計分比賽,實踐球技 教練並會針對各參加者特點去設計多款場景訓練,讓參加者感受網球比賽中如何掌握戰術、心理、體能各種因素,最有效發揮本身技術,充分體驗網球嘅血脈沸騰! 詳情 對象:14歲或以上網球初學者 內容:網球基本技術(正反手,窩利,發球)和戰術 地點:佐敦谷公園/茜發道/摩士 時間:8-10pm 日期:6/8,11/8,20/8,25/8,31/8(共5星期,如天氣影響會後補課堂) 人數:3-6人 費用:$1500 早鳥優惠 (25/7後報名 $1800) 教練:Ron Ng , Caleb Yip (澳洲專業網球認可教練 ATPCA Graduate Pro Level 1 certified coach) 查詢及報名 WhatsApp : 91264771 Ron 98520540 Caleb Instagram : ronngtennis Tennis Group Lessons for Beginners (10 hours on court total) What will I learn from this course Tennis is FUN and our coaches are here to help you pick up all the fundamentals needed so you can carry out matches with your peers with a similar passion for tennis and have the most fun Tennis is a situational sport. Our coaches will design and customize drills and practices based on each student, to simulate what they will face in competitive matches. They will be exposed to every aspect of a tennis match, from technical, tactical to psychological and physical. There's a reason many consider tennis the perfect healthy addiction outside of the churns of our daily life - and you'll find out why! Details Who can enroll? Any beginner 14 years of age or older are welcome What will I learn? All fundamental techniques (forehand groundstroke, backhand groundstroke, volley, serve), tactics and approach to a match Where do the sessions take place? LCSD courts - Jordan Valley/Sin Fat Road/Morse Park What dates/times are the sessions? 8-10pm on weekdays 6/8,11/8,20/8,25/8,31/8(5 sessions in total, exact dates subject to weather and court conditions at the time) What size is the group lesson? 3 - 6 students I'm interested - what's the charge? $1500 early bird rate before 25/7 $1800 on or after 25/7 For enrollment or further inquiry Our coaches: Ron Ng , Caleb Yip (ATPCA Graduate Pro Level 1 certified coach) WhatsApp : 91264771 Ron 98520540 Caleb Instagram : ronngtennis
  3. Tennis coach profile Ron Ng ATPCA Graduate Pro Level 1 certified coach -Tennis Coach -Hitting partner 3年教授經驗(成人及小童,group class and private lesson) 個人比賽成績: -多區康文署分齡賽單打及雙打冠軍亞軍 -2019網總地區巡迴賽分站亞軍 -2019網總地區巡迴賽年終決賽參賽球員 歡迎查詢 WhatsApp : 91264771 Ron Ng Instagram : ronngtennis
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