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  1. 屯門網球 WHATAPP GP

  2. 屯門區 網球聚會

  3. 9 X Head Prestige Classic 600

    Sorry, not him, haha! But plenty of stories behind my PC600's, so many good memories. But better to set them free and have them enjoyed by others rather than let them collect dust in a closet. Will still keep a few for myself though.
  4. 9 X Head Prestige Classic 600

    The two trek font racquets are sold. Still a few regular PC 600 Made In Austria left, with and without leather grip.
  5. 9 X Head Prestige Classic 600

    Still a few left. 10% reduction in price for a quick trade.
  6. Tuen Mun HK Gold Coast Tennis

    Looking for regular tennis partner(s) 3.0+ to play at HK Gold Coast, preferable during the day. PM me if interested.
  7. 9 X Head Prestige Classic 600

    Can't or the life of me figure out where the PM section is, interested parties can just text me at 6546xxxx. Oh, the two Star Trek font racquets are the most rare and most expensive.
  8. 9 X Head Prestige Classic 600

    Sorry, meant to say the price is HK$900-1,500 depending on which one(s) you want. Contact me for exact pricing.
  9. This is the real deal, 9 original Prestige Classic 600's all Made in Austria with the brown plastic above handle. All gripsize 4. What can I say, this is how convinced I was that this was the racquet I was going to play with for the rest of my life, it's that good. There was one flaw in that plan though which is the human ageing process. I'm an old fart now and dropped a few levels, not good enough to play with this fine piece of equipment. All are in excellent condition, well taken care of. Two racquets have the earlier, rare "Star Trek" font. One has the Prestige Classic font. All come with original cover. Some have the original leather grip, some have double overgrips, a la Guga Kuerten. Also have a few replacement grommets, first come first served. Price: HK$900 per racquet, priority will be given to buyers of multiple racquets. For pick up near Tuen Mun HK Gold Coast.
  10. Very cool Estusa Boris Becker Advantech racquet from the 80's. In excellent condition but without replacement grip. Gripsize 4. With original cover. Price: HK$400 Pickup near Tuen Mun HK Gold Coast [attach]53146[/attach] [attach]53147[/attach] [attach]53148[/attach]