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    Pure Aero 2019

    Pls check pm
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    2019 pure aero 99%new 法網版本

    Pm, pls check
  3. 好有興趣, 我嘅電話係9086xxx, 我叫Terry
  4. 唔好諗住扳扳打死人, 係咁左右開弓打兩邊 ,好似放狗, 有你打冇人打, 就無謂啦
  5. 找波友平日或假日夜晚九龍城石鼓壟or天光道or附近球場打波, 主要搓波亦可以間中開set. 打咗廿幾三十年網球, 以前大學校隊, 乜嘢level, 點樣定義咩level我就唔知喇.有興趣者可以pm我
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    finding regular single partner on weekday night

    please check PM, Thanks
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    Kowloon tennis whatsapp group

    Please check PM
  8. Wilson K Factor 90 New: 85% Headsize: 90in. Weight 320g. Length: 27in Pattern :16×19 有袋 grip2 HKD 450 旺角交收
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    Yonex Vcore Pro 97 310g (90%new) Grip 2

    Sold to a nice guy. Thank you.
  10. Yonex Vcore Pro 97 (310g) grip 2 (90% new) No paint chip, just few minor scratches as shown in photos Strung with Hyper-g / Gosen G-tour 3 48/48 lbs Sell at HK$800 Trade at Mongkok or Central MTR only
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    Yonex Vcore SV98 (80% new) Grip 2

    Sorry. Just sold to a nice guy. Thank you.