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    Vcore 97 X2 (310g)

    Down to 1400
  2. Vcore 97 310g 8成新 Grip 2 1500 兩支 新穿 Alu power 52lb 及 poly tour 48lb 有意PM 大埔交收可減價
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    Want Ulta tour

    Looking for a Ultra Tour 97 grip 2, please PM if available. Thanks
  4. 太和或運頭角都得 平日晚上9-11 /10-11 練波/開GAME 有意PM
  5. 99% new grip one 270g $750
  6. please quote Yonex VCORE Pro 97 (310), grip2 X1 https://www.tennis-warehouse.com/Yonex_VCORE_Pro_97_310/descpageRCYONEX-VC9310.html Thanks W6 team
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    Hydrogen products

    please quote the following Hydrogen products. https://www.tenniswarehouse-europe.com/Hydrogen_Mens_Tech_Storm_Short/descpageMAHYDROA-HYMTSS-EN.html Black T00128-C63 Size S, X1 https://www.tenniswarehouse-europe.com/Hydrogen_Mens_Tech_Star_Crew/descpageMAHYDROA-HYMTSC-EN.html Grey T00121-163 Size S, X1 Blue T00121-018 Size S X1 https://www.tenniswarehouse-europe.com/Hydrogen_Mens_Tech_Serafino_Polo/descpageMAHYDROA-HTMSEP-EN.html White T00076-001 Size S X1 thankyou W6
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    Vcore DuelG 97

    sold, thank you all
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    Vcore DuelG 97

    No, too low
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    Vcore DuelG 97

    310g 80% New Grip2 50/50 poly tour newly string Asking for 500