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  1. Brand new Black in color Lightweight & Durable $350 PM if interested
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    Classic Tour Graphite

    sold thx
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    Nike court Advantage backpack

    60% new Hold 2 rackets and everything works. Lots of pockets $100 pm if interested
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    Yonex backpack

    Sold to a nice ching
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    Classic Tour Graphite

    one of the collectibles in good condition still playable grip 2 $300 pls pm if interested
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    A rare collectible antique racket over 100 years old

    on hold by a c hing
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    Yonex backpack

    Reduced to $250
  8. A special collectible item for serious collectors only. This racket is all hand-made in around 1900 with all natural gut strings and wood. Everything is in its original condition and this is normal that some of the strings are snapped. I have been owning it since 1970's and will let it go for another serious collector. Only Serious inquiries are entertained. Price $2000 Please pm if interested
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    Wilson tennis 6 rackets bag

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    Gregory Backpack all black with OLD logo

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    Asics Gel Court Speed Yellow/Black/Orange Men's Shoes

    I would like it to be delivered, Thanks
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    Asics Gel Court Speed Yellow/Black/Orange Men's Shoes

    Please order. Both are U.S. size 8 Thanks. Asics Solution Speed FF Black/Silver Men's Shoes $728 Clearance: $79.94 https://www.tennis-warehouse.com/Asics_Solution_Speed_FF_Black_Silver_Mens_Shoes/descpageMSASICS-AMSSFBS.html Asics Solution Speed FF Blue/Red Men's Shoes $728 Clearance: $79.94 https://www.tennis-warehouse.com/Asics_Solution_Speed_FF_Blue_Red_Mens_Shoes/descpageMSASICS-AMSSFBR.html
  14. https://www.tennis-warehouse.com/Asics_Gel_Court_Speed_Yellow_Black_Orange_Mens_Shoes/descpageMSASICS-AGCSYBO.html https://www.tennis-warehouse.com/Asics_Solution_Speed_FF_Black_Silver_Mens_Shoes/descpageMSASICS-AMSSFBS.html https://www.tennis-warehouse.com/Asics_Solution_Speed_FF_Blue_Red_Mens_Shoes/descpageMSASICS-AMSSFBR.html thanks !