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  1. head IG extreme pro

    HEAD IG EXTREME PRO Above 90%new 550HKD
  2. FS: Pure Drive GT

    pmed tks!
  3. Safin's tee

  4. 請問各位師兄,香港有什麼地方可以學習網球穿線技巧與培訓課程。煩請賜教。 tks!
  5. Safin's tee

    180hkd 99%新凈. thanks
  6. Safin's tee

    suit for 170-175 ching , size m if interested , pls pm me
  7. 穩 呢 三 件 波 衫,size S 由於冇實物,唯有用網上圖片代替。 邊位ching有請pm 萬分致謝W6 forum!
  8. Repost Y-3adidas Tsonga 2015 french open tee 99.9%new,slim cutting 200hkd Size m,fit for 165-170cm ching 有意請pm
  9. looking for HEAD MG Prestige Pro

    grip 3 and grip 2 both ok more preferred grip3
  10. looking for HEAD L6 Prestige Pro Microgel version ,above 90%new, budget:400 hkd, any ching  interest pls pm me thanks a lot!
  11. size has been shown on picture 2, too large for me,95% new, 300 hkd pls pm