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    UA under armour TENNIS tee M

    80hkd now
  2. photo of member

    Nike Tee HK$140 (M Size)

    pls check pm
  3. Pure Drive GT 90% new Grip 3 want to exchange head graphene radical pro grip 3, >85%new,please pls pm me if interest
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    Extreme Pro Grip 2

  5. photo of member

    Extreme Pro Grip 2

    pls check pm
  6. suit for 170-175cm size m 100%new 150 if interested , pls pm me
  7. looking for pure drive GT 2009 grip3 , above 85%should be better pls pm if chings interested.
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    Head Speed IG 315MP, 90% new

    pls check pm
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    head IG extreme pro

    HEAD IG EXTREME PRO Above 90%new 550HKD
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    FS: Pure Drive GT

    pmed tks!