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  1. Still selling cheaper then u can get in the market
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    not everyone get used to the ISO shape , i am ok with it , only issue is i dont like the balance
  3. 歐碼 41.5 / 英碼 7.5 / 美碼 8.5 BRAND NEW SELLING 1050 HKD
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    FS: Djokovic Lacoste Hats

    all sold thx
  5. Outside is Selling 1600 HKD BRAND NEW PURE AERO FRENCH FLAG EDITION GRIP 2 I AM SELLING 1400 Can trade in MTR Hong Kong Island , Tungchung line , Prince Edward , Tsuen wan line Payme or Cash is ok Thanks
  6. Have Chip on Side, Playable Super Good Control Easy Spin Grip Size is L3 , My Fd added some Lead tape for Better Performance , Can be remvoed. Buy 1 is 800 Buy both for 1450
  7. Was wondering anyone selling a Used Swing Weight Machine? Thanks