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  1. More large photos Hyper Hammer 5.3 midplus = 95 sq in Length = 27.5 inch Unstrung weight = 260g Grip 3,但我拆咗原grip,改成overgrip在底,較薄。 可再加一層overgrip。 三點九點唔係斷,只係黐咗鉛加膠紙。不喜可拆。 十二點有 chip 。 $220
  2. or Gamma x2 or Progression 200 or other two-ppint mount dropweight machine
  3. Please PM with photos. You may post photos to eg. https://postimg.cc/ and give me the generated link.
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    Yonex DR98 Ezone 85%new for $780

    Strung weight 310gms or unstrung weight 310?
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    Head Liquidmetal Flexpoint Radical $350

    you may want to corect the pattern
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    Kowloon tennis whatsapp group

    pm sent, thanks
  7. I forgot to ask, 285g or 310g ?