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    Mercedes Benz tennis racquet

    Price revised. It should be 450$. Please pm if you are still interested.thanks
  2. For sell 7~80% new grip 2 strung prince racquet. $250 Please pm if you are interested.
  3. For sell, brand new, strung, grip 2 benz racquet. $250 Please pm if you are interested.
  4. Selling head radical grip2 OS and lite version 8~90%new, both strung $300=2 racquet Please pm if you're interested. Thankyou.
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    Aero pro drive grip 4 3/8

    Still available
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    Wilson prostaff k88

    Ask for, 500hkd
  7. For sell, Grip 4 3/8 80%new Strung 50lbs
  8. For sell, 85%new Strung 52lbs Thanks
  9. For sell, 85%new Strung 55lbs Thankyou.
  10. Looking for Wilson Pro Staff RF97 grip2 (Black) Please pm if you want to sell. Thx.
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    Wilson RF97 autograph

    Please check pm
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    Head radical mp x 3

    Sold to a nice ching, thanks