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    Head Gravity Tour 2021 grip 2

    Sold n thanks
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    Wilson Clash 100 pro grip 2

    Sold and thanks!
  3. 95% new Clash 100 Pro, 310g 16x19 grip 2. only a few light scratches from play, newly strung hyper g in oct. Price $950, PM me if interested thanks.
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    Blade 18x20 v8

    Pls check pm
  5. Head Prestige MP graphene 360+ 18x20, grip 2, played a few times only, no scratch at all same as New. $1050, pm me if interested. Thanks
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    Head Speed Pro graphene 360

    Sold already
  7. Head Speed Pro graphene 360 80% new with some light scratches 310 gram,18x20, grip 2, $700, Pm me if interested. Thanks
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    Ezone 98 osaka edition 2020

    Sold n thanks
  9. 99% new EZone 98 2020 Osaka ltd edition. Grip 2, played few times only a few marks on bumper, no scratch same as new. $1100, pm me if interested. Thanks
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    Yonex VCore 98 2020 limited

    Sold n thanks!
  11. Yonex VCore 98 2020 limited 99% new Grip 2 new luxilon string, Played only a few times, No scratch no paint chip, light marks on bumper only. Sell $850, please PM if interested. Thanks
  12. https://www.tennis-warehouse.com/reviews/PRF97A/PRF97Areview.html
  13. 99%新 Pro Staff RF97 autograph 黑白 Grip 2, ice code 52lbs, very good condition, 售$950, 有意請PM我留contact, tks
  14. Head Speed Pro graphene 360+ 99% new, no scratch at all on body, a few light marks on bumper only. 52lbs tecnifibre string. $1100. Please pm me if interested.
  15. Pure Strike 98 Wimbledon edition 305g, Grip2, 16x19, 95% new, only light marks on bumper. Sting : x-one biphase $850. PM me if interested thanks
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    Wilson RF97 Autograph

    Check pm
  17. Pure Strike 16x19 grip 2 head string at 50 lbs 80% new with light scratches $700, pm me if interested thanks
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    Wilson Blade 18x20

    Sold n thanks!