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    Wilson Blade 18x20

    Hi C Hing, Your PM is not working?
  2. Head Size: 100, 16x19, Grip 2 No scratches at all on frame body, some minor scratches on bumper from normal play Selling Price: HKD1,100
  3. 290g, 16x19, Grip 2 Newly Strung with Lux Alu 4G / Wilson Sensation Wear & tear on bumper and frame body from normal play Asking: $700
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    75% New Wilson Blade 104

    Pls check pm!
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    Wilson Prostaff 97 CV 315g

    $800 ok, can trade anytime, thx!
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    Wilson Prostaff 97 CV black

    Still available? 315g? thanks!
  7. 85% New Babolat Pure Aero (售: $900) 300g, 16x19, Balance: 320 mm, Grip 2 String: Tecnifibre Black Code 17 53lbs 拍新淨,衹只有 一位置甩Paint如圖 Bumper位有正常使用痕跡如圖
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    Head Titanium Supreme

    Price reduced to $250
  9. 售: $500 85% New Babolat Pure Strike 98 Sqin, 305g, 18x20, Grip 2 新穿 Solinco Tour Bite 50lbs 拍新淨,Bumper 有正常花痕如圖