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  1. To all seller and buyer, a buyer queried this racket is not 95% new. Don’t want to argue As different ppl have different definitions. There are very light scratch on the racket form normal playing, no paint chip. It is not a brand new or like new racket. If you’re interest to buy, please ask me for more photo if you’re very serious about how new/old it is. Please don’t meet and waste time to argue the % of newness. It’s just several hundred dollars deal.
  2. To all seller and buyer, Be careful of a guy (ac????????00) who is very meant and troublesome person. Better not too sell or buy from him, simply wasting your time.
  3. $600, net and final, today only before I send it to ProShop for resell.
  4. $1000, net and final, today only before I throw it to ProShop for resell.
  5. 98 sq in. Head size. 305g weight.
  6. 99% new, Wilson Blade V7, 2019 latest version, 16x19 string pattern, grip 2. Just play once. $1100 (please no counter offer).
  7. Wilson Clash 98. 310g, 98 sq in., 16*19 string pattern, grip 2. 95% new. Asking $1050 trade at Kwai Fong MTR.