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    Prince Tour 95 Textreme G3 $700

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    Prince Tour 95 Textreme G3 $700

    $500 OK
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    Prince EXO3 Rebel 95 G3 $300

    多謝提議不過唔需要啦,其實我有多過150枝拍(所以我d 拍好新淨),而家想賣少少慳d 地方
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    Looking for Head Prestige Mid 93 Grip 2

    I have 2 Flexipoint Prestige Grip 2 in very good condition if you are interested
  5. 95% new Prince EXO3 95. Grip Size:3 330 gram. 18 x 20 Played for less than 10 hours. Bumper guard has normal wear. Frame is as good as new. Bought this for my brother who played the lighter version but he didn't like it as it's been staying at 迷你倉 for a few years. Original grip has deteriorated so no grip included. Selling for $300
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    Head Liquidmetal LM Prestige Mid 93 G3

    Selling for HK$1000. Thanks
  7. Widely considered as the last modern Prestige with the classic solid yet soft and butterly feel. Condition: 85% new at least. Normal minor scratches on bumper guard. The frame itself is as good as new. A new bumper guard will make it looks as new Actual Spec: i am the original owner and it was strung 3 times only since new. Currently strung with Luxilon Alu Power 23/22 KG. New cushion grip. Mid size with 93 sq in. 18 x 20. Grip 3. 338gram. 330mm head light (without over grip)
  8. Condition: 90% new. About 4 to 5 very minor paint chip visible. Normal usage on bumper guard. History: Strung only twice and currently strung with Lux Alu Power 23.5/22.5 KG. Come with new cushion grip. No bag. Actual Spec: 330 gram, 325mm balance point (without overgrip) If you are looking the feel/power of boxy frame without the stiffness of a Pro Staff then this is for you