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  1. Weight : 310 String with Alu power 125 52lbs 完全冇花痕 , 新拍一樣 ,現找知音人。 中環金鐘地鐵交收
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    Brand New 70 balls Tennis Basket $168

    Keep for self use. Thanks
  3. 我用vcore Pro 97和Ezone Dr 98. Ezone 落top spin一流,vcore Pro 97 control會好些。
  4. https://www.tennis-warehouse.com/reviews/T315DY/T315DYreview.html 好拍!如此價錢,一試無妨 Grip 2 Length 27 Head size 98 Weight 329g String pattern 16x19 String : Babalot vs touch NaturL Gut 16 55lbs Bumper正常損耗,拍邊paint chip(如圖) HK$280 ( 議價免問 ,非誠勿擾) 中環,金鐘交收
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    Andy Murray HEAD Tennis Bag 6R 99% (NEW)

    Still available?
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    Yonex EZONE 98 (305g) Blue Racquet

    Hi, please check pm
  7. About 50 balls. $30 Trade at Central Mid Level area
  8. you can type ntrp tennis level in google then you can get all details
  9. I'm level 3.5 male player and looking for similar or higher level single player. The court fee is $50 per person.
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    Robinson Road Indoor Court 25/1 12-1pm

    Thanks W6. I found a partner on 25th
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    FS: Yonex Vcore Pro 97

    Still available?
  12. I'm 3.5 male player and looking for single player to practise and play a set on Jan 25
  13. HK380. played couple times only. Pick up in Central /mid Level area