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  1. photo of member

    Wilson Six One Tour BLX

    Hi, could you show more photos which include head bumper, Thx!
  2. Can you show more photo of scratch position?THX !
  3. photo of member

    Head Graphene Speed Touch Pro

    Interested, Can I buy it with $350?
  4. photo of member

    Prostaff RF97 1st version

    Could you show more scratched photos of old rackets?
  5. Does this racket have clashed?
  6. Hi, interested, $500..OK?
  7. photo of member

    Wilson Burn 95 FST grip 3

    Considering...., I will send PM to you if interested, thank you for your information.
  8. photo of member

    Wilson Burn 95 FST grip 3

    請問"Bumper"有否受損?拍身有否大撞和甩油? "Grip Booster"是否已安裝?
  9. 請問是”Head Graphene XT Speed PRO” 還是"Head Graphene touch Speed PRO" 和有相看嗎?
  10. photo of member

    FS: Graphene Speed Pro Touch

    $650, 怎樣交收?