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    2 Yonex DR 98 - Grip 3

    For those who contacted me, thanks for your interest. The racquets are still available.
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    2 Yonex DR 98 - Grip 3

    I am selling two Yonex Dr 98 Blue - Grip 3 (4 3/8). I would rate their condition at 85%-90%- they were played for about 1 year, and have a few superficial scratches, but are perfectly playable. They are both strung with new Solinco Hyper G 16L at 48lbs. Also, I have changed the standard Yonex synthetic grip with brand new Fairway leather grips, to add a bit of mass to the racquet. These can easily be taken off to put synthetic grips back on, if one prefers a lower weight. I am looking for HKD 1,300 for both racquets. I am located in Wong Chuk Hang, but can meet in Central or TST for the transaction. Please contact me by PM. Thanks.
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    Looking for Yonex DR 98 G3

    I have a couple for sale. Blue paint, grip 3, condition 85%-90%, strung with new Solinco Hyper G at 48 lbs. Changed synthetic grip with Fairway leather grip. I have sent you a private message. Please check it if you are still interested in buying this model.