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    Wilson Prostaff BLX Tour Federer G2

    Item sold thx interest
  2. photo of member

    Pro Staff 97 CV Black v11.5 315g

    Sent pm
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    Head Prestige MP Youtek IG G2 tennis

    Sold thx
  4. One of the higher rated prestige editions for the Midplus line. Swings the lightest as well. Can trade with Yonex ezone 98 or Babolat pure drive or aeropro Grip: G2 Strings: full poly Condition: 8.5/10 Price: $480 http://www.racquetfinder.com/?name=prestige&manufacturer=&hsMin=&hsMax=&lMin=&lMax=&wMin=&wMax=&swMin=&swMax=&fMin=&fMax=&bpMin=&bpMax=&bwMin=&bwMax=&mains=&crosses=¤t=N&max_price=&x=46&y=22
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    Tecnifibre TF40 305 G2 tennis stick

    Sold thx
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    Tecnifibre TF40 305 G2 tennis stick

    Bump $800 Can trade with pure aero 2019 / Yonex ezone 98 2020
  7. Selling this (backup stick) highly rated stick with recently strung setup Grip 2 Condition: 9/10 Strings: Luxilion rough / weisscannon multi @ 53 lbs Price: $850 Very positive reviews on tennis nerd and tennis warehouse #網球 #medevev
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    Tecnifibre XTC 315 tennis G2

    Sold thx
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    Babolat aeroprodrive plus (2005 original) G2

    Sold thanks
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    Head Radical Pro Youtek (Murray) G2

    Bump $480
  11. Condition 8/10 Grip 2 Strings: full poly Reviews available on tennis warehouse Price: $500 Can trade Tecnofibre, babolat or yonex 98 #網球 #murray
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    Wilson tennis 網球 backpack

    Selling this backpack due to upsizing. Can fit 2-3 rackets and has waterproof finishing on the outer shell. Premium to most racket bags in the market imho. Condition 85%. Perfect working condition no scratch or tears price: $330
  13. Grip: L2 Strings: luxilion big banger poly/ weisscannon explosiv multifilament@ 53 lbs hit couple of sessions; good tension Condition: 9/10 no chips Price: $650 Can trade with technifibre 300 or 305 or yonex ezone 98 Review: https://www.tennis-warehouse.com/reviews/T315R/T315Rreview.html #medvedev #verdasco #chardy
  14. Hi selling this classic piece (reviews and specs avail on tennis warehouse Grip: G3 Strings: hybrid poly / syn gut restring few mths ago hit < 5x Condition: 8/10 price: $350 Open to trades for prince, Technifibre, Babolat, Wilson pieces
  15. Federer prostaff blx version Grip size: G2 Condition: 8.5/10 weight: 319g asian version strings: full poly good tension price: $570 Open to trades for prince, Technifibre, Babolat, Wilson pieces