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    Prince textreme tour 95 G2

  2. Hi selling this 2005 piece which some say nadal still uses today. First aeroprodrive series with best feel vs the later models. This is the extended version which is harder to come by Grip: G2 Strings: full poly strung last month Condition: 9/10 Price: $950 Can trade with Wilson blade v7 / prostaff 97L camo
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    Volkl PB mid 10 G2

    Sold thx
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    Babolat pure drive roddick G2

    Sold thx
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    Wilson tennis 6 pack bag

    Hi selling this severely under used racket bag used to place rackets at home. Very good condition on material and zips working perfect price: $380
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    Prince textreme tour 95 G2

    Hi selling this highly rated stick on tennis warehouse, good for those looking for precision: https://www.tennis-warehouse.com/reviews/T95/T95review.html Grip: L2 Strings: full poly Condition: 9/10 price: $550
  7. Selling this under used piece. 2nd last piece to bear roddick’s signature and now known as pure drive tour series Grip: L2 Condition: 9/10 Strings: 52 lbs luxilion alu power / weisscannon explosive hit less than 5 times Price: $580
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    Head Prestige pro touch g3

    Sold thx
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    Volkl PB mid 10 G2

    Grip L2, condition 8.5/10, newly strung Babolat rpm blast full poly Very good reviews on tennis warehouse price: $550 can consider trades with lighter / extended rackets
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    Head Prestige pro touch g3

    Hi letting this go. Gripsize L3 and 9/10 condition. Full weisscannon multi @ 53 lbs in good condition Open to swap as well for lighter / extended rackets asking $600
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    Yonex Ezone DR 98 tennis stick G3

    Sold thx
  12. Hi selling this edition before dr 98 and after xi 98 series. Good all rounder from Ezone line. Asking for $500 Grip: L2 Strings: luxilion alu feel / Tf nrg2 multi hybrid @ 54 lbs strung last month Condition: 7.5-8/10
  13. Hi selling this out of production piece with rave reviews on tennis warehouse. Asking $750 Grip: L3 Condition: 8.5/10 Strings: luxilion alu feel/ tf xr3 & 53 lbs strung last month
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    Babolat aeroprodrive original G3

    Sold thx w6
  15. Hi selling this rare first generation aeroprodrive original. Unique feel and hard to find stick these days: Grip size: L3 Strings: poly multi hybrid setup Condition: 7.5/10 Price: $700