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  1. 95% new, only slight scratches on the head guard. Leather grip Strung with Volkl V-Square 48lb Unstrung spec: 290g, 335mm balance, RA 66 $1000
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    All the latest ones with VDM makes the racket very comfortable. Ezone and Vcore are very solid. I played with many rackets and always go back to Yonex.
  3. 唔想去Tennis Warehouse買
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    FS: 2020 EZone 105 - Grip 1

    Sorry, sold
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    2 x Nick Kyrgios personal Yonex Xi 98

    Sorry can't help but smile... that's lowballing at its best.
  6. Changed replacement grip, added 8g of lead under the replacement grip Couple paint chips Strung Volkl V-Square 19G 48lb $500 (no bargain please) Trade along Tung Chung line
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    FS: Gravity S - grip 2

    Sold to a very nice C-Hing
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    FS: Gravity S - grip 2

    Lower to $500 Trade at any stations on Tung Chung line
  9. 95% condition. Bought from Japan, comes with special carrying case. Stung with Volkl V-Square 19G at 50lb $1600 Trade along Tung Chung MTR line only
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    FS: Gravity S - grip 2

    Can trade at stations on Tung Chung line
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    Nice ezone 98

    咁都得? 要幫手推下
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    Yonex Ezone 105 (2020)

    Please check PM
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    FS: Prince X100 Tour - Grip 2

    Trade at Olympic MTR Station only
  14. 100 inch sq, grip 2, 90% One place on frame with stretch (see one of the photo) Changed replacement grip, strung with Tour Bite at main, Biphase at cross, 48lb Japan exclusive model, not the older X100 version. Please check princetennis.jp website for more information $1200 (please no bargain)